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Acetic Acid(Glacial)
Toluene Di - isocyanate
Concentrated Nitric Acid
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Formic Acid
Ammonium Nitrate
Ethyl Acetate
Methyl Formate
Calcium Carbonate
Other Products
Methyl Formate 92% to 97%
Technology : The technology has been supplied by Kemira OY, Finland.
Capacity : GNFC manufactures Methyl Formate having concentration of 92% to 97% by wt. 3000 MTPA of Methyl Formate is available for sale
Methyl Formate Content 92-97% by wt.
Methanol Rest
Boiling Point Range 31°C to 31.5°C (70% mixture to distill)
Density 0.96 gms/cc ( 25°C)
Vapour Density 2.07
Vapour Pressure 1.9 bar at 50°C
Ignition Limit 5% to 23% at 100% Methyl Formate Concentration
Auto Ignition Temperature 465°C
Flash Point (-) 19°C
Threshold Limit Value (TLV) 100 ppm
Reactivity Contact with strong oxidizers may cause fire and explosions
CAS No. 107-31-3
UN No. 1243
• Used as a raw material in the manufacture of Di Methyl Formamide, in Pharmaceuticals and Metal Foundries.
• Used as a Fumigant and Larvicide for Tobacco.
• Used in Organic Synthesis and in formulation of Synthetic Flavours.
• Used as a Cellulose Acetate Solvent for Anisotropic Cellulose Acetate Fibres spun in a modified Dry Spinning Process.
Packaging and Supply
In 200 litres drum with epoxy lining or in suitable road tankers.
a. In UN/IMDG approved epoxy coated MS drums.
b. Bulk in 20 KL ISO tank containers.
Mr. Piyush K. Mankad
Additional General Manager,
Telefax : +91 - 2642 - 663360
Fax : +91 - 2642 - 228063
E-mail : pkmankad@gnfc.in
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