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Muriate of Potash
Single Super Phosphate
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GNFC Traded Fertilizers >> Potassium Chloride ( Muriate of Potash )

Moisture, % by weight, max 0.5
Water soluble Potash content (as K2O), % by weight, min. 60.0
Sodium as NaCl % by weight ( on dry basis )max 3.5
Particle size Minimum 65 % of the material shall pass through 1.7 mm IS sieve and be retained on 0.25 mm sieve
  It is crystalline and contains 60% K2O which is available for the plants.
It is used for basal application at the time of sowing in the soil.
Its use provide resistance to the plants against insect and disease attack.
It helps in production of quality produce.
Packaging and Supply
  50 kg HDPE bags
  Supply through rail or road.
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