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Vendor Registration

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd. (GNFC) , is interested to have resourceful, competent and cost effective agencies on its approved vendor list for supply of goods and services. GNFC, therefore, invites applications from all potential suppliers, contractors / service providers who are meeting minimum qualifying criteria for registration as approved vendor in the prescribed format given below.

No registration fee is required to be paid.

GNFC is regularly disposing off scrap materials. GNFC is further interested to register Scrap Dealers for disposal of its various scrap materials on as is where is basis. Parties who are interested to register their name as scrap dealer with GNFC may send their application in the Registration Form 4. Parties applying and getting qualified as registered scrap dealer will be intimated accordingly and they will be required to make payment of Rs. 2500/- per Group by A/C Payee & Crossed Demand Draft as registration fee (Non -Refundable) drawn in favour of M/s Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Limited, Narmadanagar, Dist, Bharuch. Party may visit GNFC, if interested to see various groups of scrap materials.


GNFC Management reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the request / application without assigning any reason(s) whatsoever it may be.

The major categories of items, which are presently being procured and services being availed by GNFC from out side agencies as well as scrap materials being disposed off to out side agencies are summarized below for the reference only.
01 Major Categories of Items / Goods Being Procured by GNFC :
02 Major Categories of Services Being Availed by GNFC from Out side Agencies :
03 Major Categories of Scrap Materials Being Disposed off on as is where is basis by GNFC to Out side Agencies :
Vendor Registration Form - 2 { For Jobs / Services }
Vendor Registration Form - 3 { For Handling Imported Fertilizers at Ports }
Registration Form - 4 { For Scrap Disposal }
Terms and Conditions { For Form No.4 Scrap Disposal }
Registration Form
Terms for Disposal
Black Listed Vendors
1 "M/s. K.M. Steel Suppliers, Ahmedabad is blacklisted from GNFC's Vendor list for 4 years".