National Productivity Council: Best Productivity – First, Second & Third Prizes, Best Productivity for Nitrogenous Fertilizers
National Safety Council, USA: Good Safety Performance
Ministry of Labour, GOI: Good Safety Performance (Thrice)
Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) : Best Environment Preservation & Pollution Control
Indian Chemicals Manufacturers Association (ICMA) : Environmental Control & Safety
Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) : For research paper
Best Technical Innovation – pure CO2 enhancement scheme in Ammonia plant
Best Technical Innovation implemented in fertilizer industry (twice)
Best Overall Performance of an operating unit for P2O5 in complex fertilizers
All India Organization of Employers: Outstanding Contribution in the field of Industrial Relations
National Energy Conservation Award, Deptt. of Energy, Government of India : Energy Conservation Award, Second Prize
Government of India: Award for Energy Conservation
Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial National Award: Effective Energy Conservation Award
National Suggestion Scheme: Two awards for the company, one for the employee
Indian National Suggestion Scheme (INSAAN) : Prizes in different years (thrice), Excellence in Suggestion Scheme for the Company, Second Prize to the employee (twice)
Texaco Development Corporation (TDC), USA : Licensee of the year for operating gassifier on more than rated capacity for over a decade
Labour & Employment Deptt., Government of Gujarat: Shram Bhushan Award & Rajya Shram Ratna Award to the employees
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IICE): ICI Award for Excellence in Process / Product Development
Deptt. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI FICCI: National Award for R&D efforts
World Environment Foundation: Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award
Fertilizers Association of India: Transfer of Improved Farm Technology Award at the national level
Computer Society of India: CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award for the best technology implementation for
e-Governance projects
The Government of Gujarat Project eProcurement handled by (n)Code Solutions – A Division of GNFC Ltd. has won the CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2006-2007 in the category of Government to Business. Award ceremony held at Bangalore on December 1, 2007 at 42nd Computer Society of India (CSI).
Set up the world’s largest single stream, fuel oil based Ammonia – Urea plant
All fertilizers under the brand name of Narmada, along with extensive support activities, have been well accepted by the country’s farmer community.
India’s largest producer of Formic Acid, Acetic acid and Methanol.
India’s only manufacturer of Glacial Acetic Acid through the cutting-edge Methanol route.
India’s largest single stream plant of Aniline.
The only manufacturer of Toluene Di-isocyanate in South East Asia.
Record capacity utilizations in all plants, defying the vintage through ingeniously innovative maintenance measures.
Development of the first indigenous, eco-friendly technology for H2S removal, CATSOL, a much awarded product of the Company’s R&D labs.