At GNFC, we have developed an integrated Materials Management approach adopting latest management tools. All the related departments are connected through a Local Area Network, resulting in paperless environment to the extent possible.

Our various plants are set up with various foreign technologies and hence we have substantial imports of machinery and spares. Our goal is to make right quality of goods available in right quantities at right time and right price from right source.

Major areas of procurement could be classified as under:
• Anti Caking Agent (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
• Benzene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
• Caustic Soda Lye(47-50%) [Detailed Specs]
• Chlorine (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
• Furnace Oil [Detailed Specs]
• Hydrated Lime (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
Ortho Di Chloro Benzene
• Rock Phosphate [Detailed Specs]
• Special Denatured Spirit (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
• Sulphuric Acid (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
• Toluene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
•   HDPE Bags [Detailed Specs]
•   PP Bags  [Detailed Specs]
•   HDPE Carboys [Detailed Specs]
•   M.S. Welded Barrels [Detailed Specs]
•   M.S. Unwelded Barrels [Detailed Specs]
•   HM-HDPE Barrels [Detailed Specs]

Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels, Columns, Pipe / Tubes and Pipe fittings, Valves, Pumps, Turbines, Compressors, Loading arms, Agitators, Filters, A/C Plant and system, Cooling towers, Materials handling equipments and system, Hoists, Cranes, Fans / Blowers, Bull dozers / Terex, Filtration units / system, etc.

HT/LT Panels upto11KV&Panel accessories/electric components, Substation automation system/equip., Protection devices, Power transformers and accessories [433V/ 3.3KV / 11KV / 132KV], HT/LT Bus ducts upto 11KV, Instrument transformers, HT/LT Motors upto 11KV, Switchyard equipment upto 132KV, HT/LT Capacitors upto 11KV, LT Generators for DG set, Parallel redundant UPS, VSD, Tubular/ Plante / Alkaline Industrial Batteries & Battery chargers, Auto batteries, HT/LT PVC/XLPE Cables & Wires upto 11KV, Cable laying/termination related accessories like trays etc., Electric equipment & accessories for hazardous area, Lighting fixtures and accessories, Industrial/domestic fans, Heaters/ Heating elements, Testing/Measuring equipment, Elevator, Fire Alarm system, General purpose Electrical and Electrification items, etc.

Distributed Control System, Programmable Logic Control System, Control Valves / On-Off Valves, Instrumentation Fittings, Vibration Monitoring System, Online Gas Analyzers, Instrumentation Cables, Smart Transmitters, Level Transmitters (Radar / Ultrasonic), Public Address System, Terminal Automation System, etc.

Process chemicals, Lab chemicals, Indigenous catalysts, Anti caking agent, industrial / calibration gases, Lab glass wares, silica gel, lime, welding machine, electrodes and filler wires, civil items, etc.

Other general use items like employee welfare items such as uniform clothes, etc., office / administration items, vehicles and accessories, etc. generally used in the fertilizers, chemicals and process industries

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