GNFC has drawn on the worlds leading technologies and systems for its various production culmination of enterprise and initiative, resourcefulness and resolve, technology at GNFC common vision for continuous growth.

GNFC has always shown a dedication to standards of production and environment safeguards, qualified research acumen, and 100% capacity utilisation for more than two decades.

GNFC Plants Installed capacity :
Plants Installed Capacity
Ammonia 4,45,500 MTA
Urea 6,36,900 MTA
Ammonium Nitrophosphate 1,42,500 MTA
Methanol (I+II+MSU) 2,68,700 MTA
Formic Acid 19,720 MTA
Weak Nitric Acid (I & II) 3,47,500 MTA
Concentrated-Nitric Acid (I, II, III & IV) 1,66,000 MTA
Acetic Acid 1,00,000 MTA
Synthesis Gas Generation Unit 201.960 Million NM3 per annum
Aniline 35,000 MTA
Toluene Di-isocynate (TDI), Bharuch 14,000 MTA
Ethyl Acetate 50,000 MTA
ASGP 369,600 MTA Eq. Ammonia
Toluene Di-isocynate, Dahej 50,000 MTA
Captive Power Plant I & II 25 MW each
CPSU 33.3 MW Power
60 MT/Hr Steam
Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) Lathedi : 6×1.5 MW = 9.00 MW
Shikarpur : 8×1.5 MW = 12.00 MW
Total = 21.00 MW
Solar Power Gujarat Solar Park, Charanka : 10 MW