Research and Development centre at GNFC was formally set up in 1988. The R&D centre is recognised by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India as an in house R&D Centre. The R&D centre is spearheaded by highly qualified, experienced engineers and scientists delivering solutions that are timely, cost effective and market focused. Creativity & ingenuity are highly emphasized.

R&D Facilities
The R&D centre is equipped with world class sophisticated facilities and pilot plants. Some of the facilities are:
Process Development Laboratories
Analytical Methods Development Laboratories
Analytical Instruments
World Class Instrumentation Facilities
High Pressure Reactors
Pilot plant facilities
Research & Technical Library
Process Developments
Process for Hydrolysis of Methyl formate to Formic acid using Resin as catalyst
Process to manufacture Polyurethane Coatings and Adhesives
New green chemistry process to manufacture Ethyl Acetate
New Products Development
Polyurethane- TM and MT blends for applications in Automobiles
Polyurethane – Coating & Adhesives
Anti-Hygroscopic Coating Agent for ANP and CAN Fertilizer granules
Purified Calcium Nitrate of Fine Chemical grade
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Activated Calcium Carbonate
New fluorescent material for Cyclone Bag Testing
Engineering Castable Elastomers – Formulations and Process
Fertilizer Products

The following products have been developed in laboratory using the company’s existing products like urea and nitrophosphate fertilizers. The processes have been scaled up to pilot plant scale. The improved efficacy of these products in storage and field application have been demonstrated by field trials.

100% Water Soluble Fertilizers N:P:K :: 19:19:19
Neem coated Urea
Zincated Urea
Anticaking agents for Urea
Urea Nitric Phosphate
Urea-Ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer
Industrial Users and Start-ups are invited to contact us for following Products & Processes developed In-House
Process know-how to manufacture Coatings and Adhesives for interior applications
Engineering Castable Elastomers – Formulations and Process know-how
Process & know-how with Recipes to make High Polymer PU Foams
Process to manufacture Ethyl Acetate using green chemistry catalyst
Research services – projects
Effluent Treatment Schemes
Treatment of Discontinuous Effluent from Nitrophosphate Plant
Studies on biological denitrification process in collaboration with MS University, Vadodara, India
Waste Recycling and Recovery of Products
R&D studies are conducted to improve on resource utilisation as well as reduce pollution and generation of waste products.
Recovery of Rhodium Iodide
Separation of Soot from Soot Water
Recycling of nutrients of Discontinuous Effluent
Ammonia Recovery from plant condensate
Value Addition to by-product Calcium Carbonate
Purification of off gas stream of plant to be used as fuel
Research Papers Published / Presented on International Level
A review on Carbohydrate embedded polyurethanes- Elsevier – Carbohydrate Polymers, Sonal Thakore, Manita Das, A.R. Solanki. ( February 2018)
Structure–property relationships and biocompatibility of carbohydrate crosslinked polyurethanes – Elsevier – Carbohydrate Polymers ( March 2014), Jayen P. Mehta and A.R. Solanki.
Entwicklung grner Polyurethane mit Bio-Vernetzern – Fachmagazin Fur Die Polyurethnindustrie, Germany (August 2013) – Jayen P. Mehta & A. R. Solanki.
Development of Green Polyurethanes with Bio-Crosslinkers, European Polyurethane Journal (July 2013) – Jayen P. Mehta & A. R. Solanki.
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“India the unknown market” – ‘Invited Speaker’ at ICIS-CHEMASE-CBI International Methanol Conference held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Jayen P Mehta (Oct 2008)
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GNFC – R&D Centre Research Papers Published / Presented on National Level
Studies on development of green catalyst and separation of by-product for Ethyl Acetate process at CSMCRI August 2016 by Jayen P Mehta, B N Pattanaik, A B Oza, S K Panchal.
Polyurethane Elastomers: Towards high performance engineering plastics Jayen P Mehta, A R Solanki (at conference on advancements in polymeric materials- APM 2016)
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“Cleaner Production”: Mr. I.G.Chaudhari presented a paper in safety conference organised at Ankleshwar 2009 by Gujarat Safety Council.
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CATSOL – Liquid Phase Redox Process for hydrogen sulphide removal

This liquid phase redox process uses a low concentration aqueous chelated iron solution at mild conditions of temperature and pressure to remove hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic, corrosive and common industrial pollutant. Hydrogen sulphide is converted to elemental suplhur with near 100% efficiency.

The salient features of the process developed are:

It is the first Indigenous process of its kind
The process and technology are developed in technical collaboration with M\s Engineers India Ltd.,India’s premier engineering and consulting organisation
Commercially demonstrated successfully at ONGC’s sulphur recovery unit . HPCL Vishakhapattnam.
Catalyst, Process and Technology have been developed for H2S removal from a variety of polluting and process streams
The technology is applicable for pollution abatement in refineries, natural gas processing and chemical processing, biogas etc.
Process removes H2S from Sour Gas Streams with near 100% removal efficiency at mild conditions of temperature and pressure
Uses low concentration chelated Iron solution with performance additives
Tested extensively in lab and pilot scale at GNFC prior to commercial scale demonstration
Manufacturing facilities for catalyst and all associated chemicals set up at  CATSOL production unit in GNFC for uninterrupted supply to user industries.
Joint Research Projects with National Laboratories\Universities

The salient features of the process developed are:

Project for process development to make value added Precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Activated Calcium Carbonate from byproduct Calcium Carbonate generated in Process, Joint project with Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar.
Technology Development for manufacture of Industrial products with National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
Biological Denitrification Process using microbial culture – Joint Technology Development with MS University, Baroda.
A collaborative project “Development of Adsorbents and Process for the Enrichment of Carbon monoxide from Tail gas stream of Ammonia plant” with Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) Bhavnagar.
A collaborative project “Development of Adsorbents and Process for the Enrichment of Carbon monoxide from Tail gas stream of Ammonia plant” with Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) Bhavnagar.
List of Patents Granted to R&D work
Sr. No. Indian Patent No. Title of Invention
1 IN 235621 A Process for the generation of finely divided calcium carbonate from CaCO3 rich industrial by product
2 IN 221619 A process for generation of precipitated CaCO3 from CaCO3 rich industrial by-product
January 2014 – for Development of Methyl Format Hydrolysis Process
January 2006 – DSIR Award for Successful Technology Transfer & Commercialisation – CATSOL
Golden Peacock – Eco-Innovation Award 2003
DSIR Award for Environment friendly Catalyst Development – 2001
FGI Award for “Excellence in R&D” – 2001

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